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Acrobots Stack Pack

Acrobots Stack Pack

Ever tried to make human pyramids. Not an easy task to conquer. You always find that your weak mates end up on the bottom and just as the last person is about to climb up and claim glory the whole lot goes over in a mass of screaming writhing chaos. Acrobots have crystal clear globe like heads, insanely flexible joints and Very powerful magnets in their hands and feet giving them outstanding balance when stuck to anything metal horizontally or vertically so they won’t give way like your weak mates. You can stack them up one on top of the other, hand to foot to hand to foot and the strong magnets ensure that they stay locked to each other. All you need to do is check you have the balance right and the skies the limit. You really could stack them in a pyramid all day long, the magnets are that good. On top no pun intended of being able to stack ‘em high, these funky little Acrobots also twist and contort like a circus artist. You can bend them and shape them almost any way you like. Once you see how easy they are to fidget with they become very addictive. These contorting magnetic marvels are the business. They make an ideal stressofficetime wasting gadget not in a deliberate way of course, but if you haven’t got time to waste they have loads of useful attributes. They will stick to anything with magnetic properties and hold your pencils, pens, paperclips or jewellery. Any fun you could have with one is completely reinvented when you add more to the equation. Each stack pack contains three Acrobots in funky colours blue, green and orange. Executive fridge Magnet or stand in trapeze artists Not quite, but they could start the new trend in magnetic toys!!!

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from : Crazy About Gadgets

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