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Imagine the drum role in the big top as an insane dare devil takes to the high wire, way up in the air, the ooh’s and quiet whispers of the crowd and the sigh of relief as they make it to the other side. Acrobats are amazing to watch and although the circus is bags of fun you come away feeling kind of glad that its not you walking the tightrope every night. Allow us to introduce you to the Acrobot, all the poise and balance of genuine acrobat with all the crazy body twisting moves of a circus contortionist.Acrobots have crystal clear globe like heads, insanely flexible joints and Very powerful magnets in their hands and feet giving them outstanding balance when stuck to anything metal and they come in an array of fantastic colours including Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Bend them, shape them anyway you like. The possibilities are endless. Vogue, walk like an Egyptian, moonwalk, handstand, body pop, one handed, one footed or even use your Acrobot to choreograph the shapes your going to throw on the dance floor this Saturday night, anything goes. Once you see how easy they are to fidget with they become very addictive. These contorting magnetic marvels are the business. They make an ideal stressofficetime wasting gadget not in a deliberate way of course, but if you haven’t got time to waste they have loads of useful attributes. They will stick to anything with magnetic properties and hold your pencils, pens, paperclips or jewellery. Executive fridge Magnet Not quite, but you could start the new trend in magnetic toys!!!

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