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Gupi The Robotic Guinea Pig

Gupi The Robotic Guinea Pig

Gupi the adorable furry Guinea Pig is no ordinary pet! He’s an interactive pet that looks, sounds, feels and acts like a real Guinea Pig. You’ll soon discover that Gupi is clever but is sometimes very stubborn, he’ll happily walk around, make noises, and play games, but also needs lots of love and attention, just like a real pet. If you take good care of Gupi he’ll soon settle in to his new home, and you’ll have a intelligent new friend.Gupi comes equipped with lots of different sensors and buttons, each one serves a different purpose. There are infra red sensors in his eyes and nose, this allows him to move around the home without bumping into to things, falling downs stairs or off a table. Gupi is so smart he can also walk through a maze and find his own way out, and when happy Gupi will also follow a light beam so you can lead him wherever you want him to go.Gupi has light sensitive sensors in his eyes, pressure sensors and speakers under his skin, and his mouth opens nice and wide so the carrot can be plugged in. He also has a pressure point between his eyes so you can put him to sleep and wake him up.Gupi has an interactive playing behaviour and once you've switched him on you'll need to look after him until he eventually becomes your friend, if you don't play with him he becomes lonely and scared and he will go hiding in a dark place. After the charging carrot is removed for the first time Gupi will be sad and lonely, will start to cry and won’t move at all. We said he was stubborn!! To coax him to play you’ll have to hold him against your chest, put the carrot into his mouth and stroke his back gently until he produces a funny sound. Once he makes this sound you’ll know he’s comfortable and ready to play!If Gupi doesn’t want to walk anymore he’ll gently move his head and makes a sad sound, this indicates he’s hungry and needs to be fed. To feed him you’ll have to put the carrot in his mouth and plug in the transformer, once he’s fully charged he’ll make another sound, he’s then ready to play again.Gupi is made using the latest intelligence technology which means he can also hear you, and If you caress him he will feel loved, and will be happy. Gupi makes 30 different sounds and has 4 different moods;•Baby state cries and shakes head, and doesn't walk •Learning state walks around but needs training to avoid obstacles •Happy state walks around, giggles, and follows the carrot •Sleeping state falls asleep in the dark or after a period of rest non playBesides everything we’ve covered so far, Gupi also has the ability to react to voices and sounds, depending on his mood! When Gupi is happy he will actually come running at you when you call him, but when he's frightened he can't stand noise and will run away into hiding!! When other Gupi’s are together they become excited and gradually learn how to accept and play with each other. However, besides all the remarkable tricks this unique guinea pig can perform, one thing is for sure, he won’t leave any mess on your carpet!!

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