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Chocolate Fountain  

Chocolate Fountain 5 Star Rating

Chocolate fondue fountain. Just melt your favourite chocolate and watch it cascade down the chocolate fountain

cheap Chocolate Fountain

Aquasaurs 4 Star Rating

Aquasaurs have been around for over 350 million years and now you can grow your own prehistoric creatures in their own small aquarium.

cheap Aquasaurs
Table Mate  

Table Mate

Table Mate is the ultimate portable and flexible table with 6 different height adjustments and 3 different angles. Table Mate is like having 18 tables in 1

cheap Table Mate
Moving Rabbit  

Moving Rabbit

Our moving rabbit hops along realistically before pausing to raise its ears, snuffle its nose and emit a high pitched squeak.

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Yoho Lightwave Staff  

Yoho Lightwave Staff

The yoho lightwave staff is a light up stem that creates spectacular colour effects, particularly in the dark. The staff slowly cycles through the colour spectrum, or can be locked on a selected colour.

cheap Yoho Lightwave Staff
Rock N Hopper Pogo Ball  

Rock N Hopper Pogo Ball

The rock n hopper pogo ball.How long can you stay on, great fun and excellent for fitness

cheap Rock N Hopper Pogo Ball
Gelli Baff  

Gelli Baff

Turn bath time into fun time with gelli baff. Gelli Baff turns water into goo and back again

cheap Gelli Baff
Rugby Conversion Challenge  

Rugby Conversion Challenge

Rugby conversion challenge is a miniature version of rugby to test your skills and aim.

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